In the Making: William Edwards Home Royal Wedding Collection

by Stuart Churchill

If you are looking for something extra-special to commemorate the Royal wedding of HRH Prince Harry to Ms. Meghan Markle, our exquisite limited edition Royal wedding fine bone china collection is just the ticket.

We go behind the scenes to find out how this beautiful bone china collection was created.

Designed and created by hand in our factory in Stoke-on-Trent, the home of the Potteries, the fine bone china collection includes a Mug, Teacup & Saucer, 21cm Plate, Hinged Pill Box and Coaster.

Design Inspiration

The design of the fine bone china Royal wedding collection incorporates the unique cypher of the combined initials of Harry and Meghan. The principal colour of the pieces in the fine bone china collection is an aqua colour silk mica material, which combines beautifully with the initials of Harry and Meghan in 22 carat gold and platinum.

The inspiration for the design of the Royal wedding fine bone china collection is rooted in historic heraldry of the British realm. The design incorporates the national emblems of the constituent countries of the United Kingdom; the English Rose, The Scottish Thistle, the Welsh Daffodil and the Irish Shamrock.

The gold crown motif is a faithful rendering of HRH Prince Harry’s coronet which is found in the Prince’s personal Coat of Arms. Personalised coronets for members of the British Royal Family were inaugurated by King Charles II in 1662 following the restoration of the monarchy in 1660.

HRH Prince Harry’s coronet, which is incorporated into the design of the unique Royal wedding fine bone china collection, includes two crosses-patée, four fleurs-de–lis and two strawberry leaves, which marks the Prince’s status as a son of the HRH Prince of Wales.

The Manufacturing Process

To make this stunning collection, renowned ceramics designer William Edwards who has over 25 years’ experience, started by sketching his initial design inspiration. Two weeks and seven iterations later the design of Royal wedding collection was ready.

The next step is for our digital design studio is to adapt the artwork to fit the individual pieces of bone chinaware. The bone china we use in the Royal wedding collection is expertly designed in our factory in Stoke-on-Trent, England, where bone china was invented over 220 years ago.

Silk screens are then produced for each individual colour in the pattern which is printed onto lithograph paper.

With an extreme level of care, the lithographs are then applied by hand to the fine white bone chinaware by our decorators; each of whom have trained for over three years to acquire the precise skill to do this

Once the lithograph is applied, the pieces of bone chinaware are then hand gilded with the first coat of platinum by our most experienced gilders, who use a very fine brush to apply liquid platinum to the rims by hand.

Then, the bone china is fired (for the first time) in the kiln at 800 degrees for 16 hours.

The pieces of bone chinaware are then hand gilded with a second coat of platinum. These traditional decorating techniques have existed in the English Potteries for generations and William Edwards Home is dedicated to preserving these unique skills.

The final firing in the kilns is at 780 degrees for a further 16 hours and produces the exquisite finished result.

After scrupulous inspection of each individual piece of bone china for ultimate perfection, the bone china pieces are wrapped in tissue paper and packed into individual gift boxes – which share the same aqua and platinum colouration as the chinaware.

To see the full William Edwards Home Royal wedding bone china collection, click here.


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