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Dishwasher guide

Always wash as soon as possible after use, avoid leaving food on china for any length of time.

It is always advisable to hand wash china with gold or platinum in the decoration, or around the edges. Avoid the use of metal scourers or abrasive detergents.

For washing in a Dishwasher - Stack carefully so that items are not touching. Do not overload. Always use good quality wash and rinse aids, a gel or liquid is advisable. Make sure that the water temperature is correct and the machine is regularly serviced and in good order.

Recommended dishwasher temperature for china is maximum 65⁰ C. Using higher temperatures or overdosing on detergent will cause deterioration to the glazed finish or damage any decoration on the product. Most dishwashers have a short wash or china / crystal cycle that should be sufficient for most cleaning of china. Rinse immediately to avoid leaving deposits on the china.