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5 Tips on Creating the Most Romantic Valentine’s Day Table Setting

by joe Bloggs

Here at William Edwards Home we love a night out, but on Valentine's Day a night (or day) in can be so much more romantic. Here are our 5 tips on creating the perfect Valentine's Day table setting for your one true love.

Mich Turner's Guide to Shrove Tuesday

by joe Bloggs

Photo: Mich Turner collection of fine bone china by William Edwards Home

We caught up with our good friend and master baker Mich Turner from the Little Venice Cake Company to find out her guide to making perfect pancakes..

How to Make Perfect Pancakes with Dylan Wild

by joe Bloggs

Ahead of Shrove Tuesday, we took a poll at William Edwards Home HQ and its official - pancakes are one of our most favourite foods. I mean who doesn’t flipping LOVE pancakes?

To celebrate Shrove Tuesday, we caught up with our good friend and budding chef Dylan Wild (aged 4) to show us his foolproof step-by-step guide to making the most delicious pancakes.

Served with piles of fruit, lemon cream and a drizzle of honey, on top of our Frost Collection bone china plate – perfect!

Watch the video here: